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How to Get Involved in YLS Activities and Committees

Getting involved in YLS Activities and Committees is easy. Many activities listed on our Statewide Young Lawyer Calendar simply require you to show up and take part in the event.  We also announce events and activities on our Facebook page, and you can join the YLS group on Facebook by clicking this icon.

For greater involvement, young lawyers can volunteer to serve on YLS’ committees. These committees are charged with organizing and spearheading YLS’ activities and events throughout the state, consistent with the agenda set each year by the YLS Council.

A description of the 2013-2014 YLS Committees that are open to non-YLS Council members appears below. After you decide which committee or committees interest you, please click the link below to send an email to YLS that states the committee or committees that interest you.

From there, the YLS committee chair will contact you with further information. Our goal is to involve as many young lawyers in our activities as possible, and to match them with activities and events, consistent with their level of interest and time constraints. Your level of involvement can be great or small, depending what is needed and how much time you wish to commit.

YLS Committee Sign-up

YLS 2014-2015 Committees Open to any Young or Recently Admitted Lawyer

Community Service

This committee is charged with overseeing a variety of YLS activities that fall under the heading of community service, including Habitat for Humanity and holiday giving events and the "Needs of Families" project, which solicits donations for community causes.

Chair: Joshuah Peter

YLS Council Members: Marty Miller, Katherine Myers, Lilian Davis and Michael Hart


This committee is responsible for producing the YLS quarterly e-Newsletter, The Young Lawyer. Committee members write and solicit articles, and help photograph events. This committee helps put together one of the most visible parts of YLS’s activities, and its members have a great opportunity to reach out to young lawyers across the state.

Chair: Callie Pippin

YLS Council Members: Betsy Lynch, Nicole Carlton, Jerri Zhang, Amanda Brown, Rex Fennessey, and Mitchell Wood

Citizen Education and Outreach

This committee is responsible for the various educational and community outreach programs sponsored by YLS.

Chair: Emily Kiser

Subcommittee chairs:
Constitution/Liberty Day (mid September) – Courtney Logan and Trentis Miller
Read Across America (early March) – Talley Kendrick, Bayonle Osundare and Marty Miller
Law Day Essay (short term activity) – Michael Hart and Amanda Brown
Law Day Picture Contest (short term activity) – Kate Noland and Nicole Carlton


This committee is responsible for developing, organizing, and presenting CLE programming for young lawyers.

Chair: Kate Noland

YLS Council Members: Courtney Logan, Nathan Risch, and Jerri Zhang

Pro Bono/Access to Justice

This committee works with YLS affiliate organizations and programs to provide pro bono opportunities to young lawyers and to promote the public’s access to justice.

Chair: Pat Mobley

YLS Council Members: Amanda Brown, Betsy Lynch, Rex Fennessey, and Trentis Miller


The Publications Committee is responsible for the various educational publications created, edited, and distributed by YLS.

Subcommittee chairs:
Domestic Violence Handbook – Emily Kiser and Lilian Davis
New Lawyer Survival Guide – Pat Mobley and Nicole Carlton
Coloring and Activity Book – Kate Noland and Susan Layton
Disaster Relief Program Manual – Andy Lyskowski and Nicole Carlton