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YLS Publications

YLS publishes a number of publications for the public and for young lawyers, usually at no cost.  Some of these publications are listed below, along with downloadable PDF files.  If you would like to request paper copies of any of these publications, please call The Missouri Bar at (573) 635-4128.

New Lawyer Survival Guide

New Lawyer Survival Guide (2012 ed.): The transition from law school to the workplace is a big change for most new lawyers. A new (albeit constantly changing) environment with new people in a new career with new expectations can be overwhelming at times. This New Lawyer Survival Guide will provide you with some tips from attorneys that have gone through the changes you will be going through. Although this Guide is not a substitute for your firm's or organization's policy and procedure manual, we hope that the tips in this Guide will be helpful to you in adjusting to the beginning of a successful career in the law.

Download (PDF—3.69 MB)

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Domestic Violence and the Law: A Practical Guide for Survivors (2011 ed.) – 68-page booklet for victims of domestic violence jointly published by YLS, the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services. The booklet includes practical information about Missouri’s civil and criminal domestic violence laws and procedures, including preparing for a hearing and working with law enforcement, and a comprehensive and detailed list of Missouri’s domestic and sexual violence resources, such as shelters, legal representation, crisis intervention, therapy programs, etc.

Download (PDF—1.09 MB)

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2011 Disaster Manual: This manual was prepared to better orient volunteer lawyers with the pro bono Disaster Legal Service (DLS) program for victims of natural disasters occurring in the state of Missouri. Through this program, volunteer attorneys provide legal services to eligible individuals following a major disaster declaration. The text of this manual can be read relatively quickly. We encourage you to read the entire manual and to introduce your colleagues so that they will become familiar with the program and volunteer to help.

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Going Green Best Practices Recommendations: This is a 5 page set of best-practices recommendations to help Missouri attorneys and firms reduce their carbon footprints.

Download (PDF—192 KB)

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Senior Citizens Handbook: Laws and Programs Affecting Senior Citizens in Missouri -- 72-page booklet for senior citizens, authored by Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. The booklet covers topics such as Social Security, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, housing information, consumer issues, wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and includes reference and referral information.

Download (PDF—1.67 MB)

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Missouri Small Claims Court Handbook: 12-page booklet that is an introduction and overview to the small claims court in Missouri.

Download (PDF—104 KB)

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Turning 18? Some Things About the Law You Need to Know – 24-page booklet that is an introduction to rights and responsibilities as an adult citizen of the United States, such as voting, making a will, entering into contracts, jury duty, liability, and criminal responsibility.

Download (PDF—628 KB)